Water Heater repair and installation for Somerset, NJ

Call us today for water heater repair service for your corporation. We can install and replace your broken water heater in Somerset at a great savings compared to our competition and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you own a home or have a business in New Jersey, you can rest assured that Admiral Plumbing will be available for you in short time. Imagine if your music shop or your liquor store can’t operate in Somerset because your water heater is broken. You will lose out possible revenues and that hurts your bottom line. If you own or rent a home, the inconvenience of taking a cold shower, or water damage from a ruptured water heater tank can take a toll on your family as well.
Hot Water Heater installation for Somerset
It seems we are always in hot water around here and we want to keep you in hot water too. At Admiral Plumbing we know you need hot water that is dependable.  That is why we carry the best water heaters from the industry’s most respected manufacturers and suppliers. We offer emergency services as well by calling us direct at (201) 247-4325.

We fix all major brands of water heaters including those sold at the big box stores like Home Depot, Target, Lowes, Best Buy or Sears.
We also offer maintenance contracts and yearly check-ups.

We can help you find the right water heater to meet your needs whether you are looking to lower your carbon footprint and become more efficient or are just in need of a cost effective high-storage tank for your growing family and home.

Over the years, we have built-up strong relationships with the country’s most respected hot water heater manufacturers gaining a high level of expertise and premium discounts. In 20 years, Admiral Plumbing has installed 1000’s of water heaters keeping New Jersey area families in hot water, just like us.

Admiral Plumbing accepts all major credit cards, cash and checks.
Because we sell and install more water heaters than our competition – we buy for less and pass on the savings to you. At Admiral Plumbing, we are dedicated to returning the work area back to its original state upon completion. No hassles, just fresh hot water. For the best pricing, quality hot water heaters and professional installation call Admiral Plumbing.


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